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Shinhwa Construction which changes the Korean map and leads technology development

in port redevelopment works and coast erosion prevention!!


East Sea coast, a harbor improvement project and anti coastline erosion and actively participating

in the East Sea coastal city using conventional artificial reef for the Ecosystem Restoration Policy for the block (doughnut blocks) fabrication

and installation. Doing.

Port redevelopment works Port redevelopment works is to improve growth potential of a port by systemically and efficiently developing the port and its surroundings, and contribute to local and national economies by competitiveness of its surroundings.
Shinhwa Construction successfully completed the redevelopment works of Shimgok port and Imwon port, and, currently, is doing some works in the coastal area of Gangwon province such as the coastal improvement works at the Bongpo District, Goseong gun, and the works to construct the 3-stage breakwater of Donghae city.
Starting from the East Coast of Korea, Shinhwa Construction will participate actively in coastal works, and change the Korean map and contribute to the development of local and national economies.
Coastal erosion prevention works Shinhwa Construction also tries to develop new technology to prevent coastal erosion. The company acquired the patent for its Doughnut (DN) block, and successfully applied it to the repair works at the disaster risk section of Anmok, Gangreung.
By continuing to invest in developing new technologies, Shinhwa Construction wants to lead in developing the technology to prevent coastal erosion.
Restoration works of marine ecosystem
Shinhwa Construction is participating in the projects of restoring the marine ecosystem on the east coast. By manufacturing and installing radial artificial reefs and octagonal steel reefs. By providing structures where fish and shellfish live, the company contributes to the safe protection of the marine ecosystem in east sea. 사진