Equipped with long-time experiences and knowhow acquired from incessant R&D,
Shinhwa Construction Co. pursues a more valuable future.
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The company creating eco-friendly and comfortable space!

Since its foundation in 1994, Shinhwa Construction Co., equipped with various and special technologies, has made efforts to create the high-quality spaces for customers such as work facilities, education and research facilities, medical facilities, and cultural and meeting facilities.
It also has contributed to provide customers with comfortable living environment through building eco-friendly green structure, energy-saving structure, and intelligent (IBS) structures.
Furthermore, we are doing researches on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and urban regeneration projects.
Equipped with technologies cultivated through the last 25 years, and armed with the management vision of "Technology management, human management, and future management," Shinhwa Construction Co. will try its best to initiate the future.

Major construction projects

Business facilities: creation of the optimal space with accumulated know-how

With its abundant experiences and know-how, Shinhwa Construction Co.
have constructed public business facilities such as the High-tech Agricultural Technology Center, Pyeongchang Fire Department Building, and the new headquarters at Wonju of Mine Reclamation Corp. (MIRECO), etc.
And, the above new headquarters at Wonju of MIRECO is the building equipped with a cutting-edge intelligent system winning the evaluation of the top-level eco-friendly green building, the first-level energy efficiency and the certificate of IBS building, upgrading a level in constructing public buildings.

Education and research facilities / welfare facilities: customer satisfaction through hope and emotion (sentiment) construction

Shinhwa Construction Co. has constructed some education and research facilities such as Hanwwul Middle School,
the Living Hall of Wonju University at Gangreung as a rental-type BTL project, and Songcheon High School.
Shinhwa Construction has also built some welfare facilities such as Jeongseon Comprehensive Social Welfare Center, Nursing Home for the Elderly at Hanbitmaeul, Gangreung, and Wonju City Nursing Home, etc.

Medical facilities / Sports facilities / Cultural facilities: formation of comfortable environment and construction of a landmark

With the construction of the added ward of the ward for acute patients, the Sokcho Medical Center, Shinhwa Construction Co. provided comfortable medical environment to patients in the Gangwon and Yeongdong region. And, with the construction of Ai&Mom Pediatric Hospital, Shinhwa Construction provided the only space in the Gangreung area where people can care children for 24 hours.
It also constructed a number of sports facilities including Taebaek National Sports Center and Daegwanryeong Off-Season Training Ground.
Gangreung Culture Center and Olympic Art Center are some of the cultural artistic spaces in Gangreung area Shinhwa Construction has built.