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It is you who do not get frustrated, nor give up, and who, equipped with sense of responsibility and morality,

cultivate dream and ability and challenge that Shinhwa Construction Co. is searching for.

Recruitment procedure

-  Submission of the application form > Screening with application forms


   > Interview and physical checkup > Selection of new employees

Screening method

- Tthe first step: screening with application forms

- The second step : screening with interview

Filling out application form and submission of it

- Method of filling out the form and submitting it: by e-mail

  (Submission by post or personal submission is not allowed.)

- Telephone enquiry : Personnel Management Team  + 82-33-660-7141

Announcement of new employees

- You can check the list of new employees by visiting Notice on Shinhwa Construction Co. home page


- One who is eligible for benefits of Patriots and Veterans will be treated with related laws.

- Submitted documents will not be returned, and, if a false fact or fake is discovered in the contents of the application form,

   screening/selection/admission can be cancelled.

Guide to benefit programs

Shinhwa Construction Co. has various job benefit programs to make all members of it enjoy abundant and stable lives.

Along with legally designated benefits such as workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, employment insurance,

and state pension, Shinhwa Construction Co. provides the best-quality working environment where employees can work comfortably.

Four social insurances

workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, employment insurance, and state pension

Periodic medical check-up

Periodic performance of medical check-ups to all its members

Support for tuition of employee's children

Support for college tuition of employee's children

Leave for celebrating and mourning

Provision of money to celebrate and mourn and leave for the event

Provision of lodgings

Provision of lodgings in work sites

Operation of employees' association

With the joining the company, the employee becomes a member of the employees' association, and pays money for celebrating

and mourning when any of its member has such a case. 

Other supports

Prize and travel for employees who worked for a long time, prize and foreign training for excellent employees, subsidies for self-driving, and operation of company cafeteria