All the members of Shinhwa Construction have high understanding and interest in sustainable development.
Shinhwa Construction keeps doing researches on the effects of construction works on environment, and on how to reduce the effects.
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Safe health Management

Guidelines for safety and health management

Safety is the highest management value of Shinhwa Construction Co.

“We think that "There is no accident without cause, and there is no safety acquired by fortune."

Shinhwa Construction will not be lazy in taking care of safety and health of workers.

“Man is the first priority”

Everything starts from man and finishes with man.

We Shinhwa Construction believe that we exist thanks to you workers!

We will reward your labor with safe and clean top-quality working conditions as mentioned in our slogan.

The safety and health management system

To settle down the safety and health management system as its culture,

Shinhwa Construction combines "Technology Safety (technique)," "Sensibility Safety (sensibility),"

and Safe BI Standardization (standardization).”

To settle down safety culture, and prevent accidents, Shinhwa Construction built an organic cooperative model where construction manager,

construction supervisor, and safety manager all participate.

Evaluation of risks per kind of work, inspection of structural safety of temporary support system,

safety inspection and close monitoring, distribution of customized safety education data, holding

of events for on-site workers, application of the safety facility standardization program of Shinhwa Construction