All the members of Shinhwa Construction have high understanding and interest in sustainable development.
Shinhwa Construction keeps doing researches on the effects of construction works on environment, and on how to reduce the effects.
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Environmental Management

Shinhwa Construction, by contributing to sustainable development of humans and the society, and minimizing the effects on environment,

wants to make an environment where nature and humans exist harmoniously.

Environmental management 

By preparing environmental management, and adopting guidelines for environmental management with practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable management, and creating shared value (CSV), Shinhwa Construction applies the value of 'environment' as the top priority in its management and decision-making process.

Shinhwa Construction succeeded in realizing the recycling of wastes using super-high temperature microbes for the first time in Korea. By contributing to the realization of the zero waste society, Shinhwa Construction will try to lead green management in accordance with global standard and spread the value of green management.

Environmental vision

"Think Globally, Act Locally"

- Think Green, Build Green -

 Through environmental management,

we contribute to sustainable development of the earth and human beings.

Guidelines for environmental management

Guidelines on environmental management of Shinhwa Construction contain concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and creating shared value (CSV). The guidelines offer how to participate in environmental management to employees and they are applied in all workplaces.


1. Shinhwa Construction is aware of the value of preservation of environment for sustainability of the earth and human beings, and practices environmental movement in daily life, and responds actively to the environmental problems and climate changes.

2. Shinhwa Construction observes the global standards and domestic and international laws and rules on environment, and establishes stricter internal standards and implements them. By minimizing environmental loads in all the processes and reflecting eco-friendly elements in each process and produces innovative eco-friendly products.

3. While responding effectively to various environmental challenges, we try to convert the company system into a eco-friendly system, and continue to make efforts on researches to develop new environmental technologies and products.

4. To enhance transparency of environmental management, Shinhwa Construction builds a communication system where all the interested parties including employees, customers, and business partners participate in. With such methods, we want to initiate environmentally healthy and sustainable development.