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Shinhwa Construction wants to lead the innovative green bio industry using ultra-hot temperature microbes by realizing the Zero Waste Society through the resource recycling of wastes using ultra-hot temperature microbes for the first time in Korea.

The ultra-hot temperature microbe fermentation technology of Shinhwa Construction pursues the top-level creative technology and fused system, contributes to sustainable development of humans and society, and minimizes the effect to environment. Shinhwa Construction pursues an environment where nature and humans can exist together.

The ultra-hot temperature aerotropic fermentation system (YM method) can decompose organisms common aerotropic microbes cannot decompose by raising fermentation temperature to over 95℃ in decomposing all organic materials such as food waste, sewage sludge, livestock manure, anaerobic sludge, and animal (poultry) carcass, etc. Hyperthermophilic microbes with global patent are used, and it does not need moisture moderator (chaff, sawdust, etc.). It is a breakthrough technology treating food wastes at the same time by single facility and single process.

It is eco-friendly treatment technology without the second pollution, and highly economic system. We try to create a new road sign toward a resource recycling in Korea.

Business areas

Bio industry using ultra-hot temperature microbes, construction of treatment facilities and commissioned management of such facilities, development of the system to make organic waste resources

Business types  

Treatment of organic wastes (food, sewage sludge, and livestock manure, etc.), treatment of carcasses of animals and poultry which died of AI/ foot-and-mouth disease, development of organic manure and smart farm, and development of eco-friendly bio deodorant

Service areas

Commissioned operation of environmental facilities, maintenance and repair, construction, and inspection of profitability and economy

YM Method

The method of eliminating (over 95%) or making into manure organic wastes using the fermentation method using aerobic ultra-hot temperature microbes (fermentation temperature 90~110℃).
With the change of policy paradigm, those wastes are prohibited to dump into sea (in 2013).



사진 Merits of the YM method
Active decomposition under the condition of aerobic high-temperature over 95℃ allows organic wastes to be decomposed in 40~45 days.
It reduces more than 85% of the weight of wastes.
Ultra-high temperature fermentation leads various germs and colon bacillus to die away, making separate sterilization facilities unnecessary.
Without the need of moisture moderator, its operation is simple and stable.
It is excellent in reducing offensive odor, and it is possible to generate good-quality manure.
Food waste treatment facilities
in Wulreung gun
- Client: Wulreung gun government
- Construction period: 2016.05.01.~2017.05.31.
- Commissioned period: 2017.06.01.~2020.05.31.
- Scale: 6 tons / day
- Performance type: food waste treatment
사진 Gangreung YM pilot plant
- Client: Shinhwa Construction Co.
- Construction period: 2013.12.28.~2014.03.18.
- Commissioned period: 2014.03.19.~2019.12.11.
- Scale: 160 tons / day
- Performance type: organic waste treatment test