Equipped with long-time experiences and knowhow acquired from incessant R&D,
Shinhwa Construction Co. pursues a more valuable future.
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Civil & Landscaping

Civil engineering and landscape projects play the role of developing national land with balance

by installing national infrastructure and expanding social indirect capital.

After being founded in 1994, Shinhwa Construction, equipped with accumulated technology, has successfully completed

a number of projects such as road, bridge, railroad, water and sewage, complex making, and landscape construction, etc.

which serve as the bases of national industrial development.

For more prosperous future of Korea, Shinhwa Construction continues to breathe life in every place in Korea and challenge to the future.

Road, Transportation, Railroad Road, bridge, and railroad are infrastructure for the development and prosperity of a country.
Shinhwa Construction has participated in numerous civil engineering projects of public sectors such as national road, highway, bridge, and railroad, contributing to the balanced development of national land and national economy.
Water and sewage construction Constructions for safe drinking water and wastewater treatment are important for comfortable and convenient life of people.
Shinhwa Construction has incessantly made efforts to provide life conveniences to the people with various water and sewage projects from bigger ones like the project of water supply passing the urban center of the metropolitan area and the water and sewage BTL project of Chuncheon city to smaller water and sewage projects in neighborhood.
Industrial complex and housing lot construction Equipped with excellent construction experiences, Shinhwa Construction has led the development of Korean land.
Shinhwa Construction has performed a number of industrial complex and housing lot constructions.
Typical construction projects we have participated are as follows: construction of basic facilities of the residential area (NSIC), section 1, Songdo International City; construction of basic facilities section 8-4 of Songdo sections 6 and 8; the 2nd industrial complex of Ochang.
Landscaping Works We try to create the best-quality external space where humans and nature can exist harmoniously.
Shinhwa Construction has taken initiatives in creating comfortable living space and improving local environment by providing lively, safe and comfortable resting space.
We have taken initiatives in creating comfortable living space by harmonizing it with surrounding environments and improving local environment.
Shinhwa Construction has participated in the following construction projects of eco-parks, urban parks, tourist places, new towns, and industrial complexes: landscaping works between Donghongcheon and Inje on Highway 60; landscaping works of Baegot New Town; landscaping works of urban development works of Gwangju Hyocheon 1.
Equipped with long construction experiences, we create the green network.